RadioPublic/Audible Feast Playlist: We’re Really Not That Different

RadioPublic/Audible Feast Playlist: We’re Really Not That Different

I’m excited to announce that I have created a playlist that is live on the brand new podcast player from PRX called RadioPublic! The app features playlists from tastemakers and influencers, a club of which I’m incredibly proud to be a member. My playlist is called “We’re Really Not That Different” and features all kinds of diverse episodes. Here’s my writeup of the playlist:

“This world does not need any more racism, sexism, homophobia, and hate. We need more diversity and inclusion, and this playlist will hopefully help you open your mind and realize we’re all people and everyone contributes something positive.”

It features episodes from Us & Them, How to Be Amazing, Modern Love, ARRVLS, The Uncertain Hour, Code Switch, and many more. There should be 12 episodes and I’m hoping the last two will be on there soon (there are currently 10).

Get the app here – iOS / Android – and then click here to get the playlist, or click on this link to see it on a browser. Thanks RadioPublic for including me in this awesome launch of a new player!

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