Science Vs by ABC with Wendy Zukerman

Science Vs by ABC with Wendy Zukerman

Don’t be scared by this podcast title if you hated high school biology! Maybe you wouldn’t think science would be interesting–but it is! I swear! Just take 20 minutes to listen to this podcast.

The premise of Australian-produced Science Vs is to debunk any myths about current fads, or give credibility where it is due. The host, Wendy Zukerman, interviews scientists and researchers and does her own research to get to the bottom of popular claims. Recent topics have included the use of medical marijuana, the gay gene, the female brain, and race. For example, Wendy tries to answer the question – does medical marijuana really cure ailments?

Science Vs is on a break right now while hopefully recording more episodes, but you can enjoy the roughly 15-20 minute episodes that are available via the link below or via iTunes.

Audible Feast Ratings

Educational Value ★★★★★

OK. I am a statistics nerd and I love science, so this is a perfect podcast for me. I’ve learned tons about current fads that I’ve wondered about but didn’t take the time to research myself. I trust that Wendy is giving me good info! Also I love that the podcasts include links to more reading material.

Pop Culture Value ★★★

This podcast does an excellent job of investigating the science behind common politically charged/”health”/fad topics. Because they are discussed ad nauseum in the media they do become part of the current pop culture, but not exactly the “entertainment” type of pop culture. Perhaps if there are more episodes I can give another star – but with the limited catalog thus far I’m going with three stars.

Host Listen-ability ★★★★★

Flow (both planned podcast flow and advertisement-impacted) ★★★★

Humor ★★★★

Wendy Zukerman seems like a funny person in real life, even off the radio. Her comedic timing is spot on and never put on. Also – I like how Wendy/the producers use music and sound effects in this podcast, it’s very effective and not at all annoying.

Investigation ★★★★★

Storytelling ★★★

At times the storytelling is a bit disjointed but let’s face it-we’re talking about facts here, not an intricately woven narrative of love and deceit!

Makes Me a Better Person ★★★★

Bonus stars

Overall Audible Feast Rating: ★★★★

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