She’s In Russia Combats Russophobia

She’s In Russia Combats Russophobia

NOVEMBER 27, 2017 – Cold War II represents and encourages some of humanity’s very worst tendencies – towards xenophobia, ignorance, falsity. Citizens of the US and Russia continue to have limited contact with each other and to imagine the other as projected by their respective Politics and Media, who provide them with little more than caricature and sensationalism. She’s In Russia attempts to combat this sensationalism by talking about Russia and Russian people in a nuanced and joyful way.

Two best friends – Olivia (Lily) Capozzalo in St. Petersburg and Smith Freeman in Brooklyn – talk about Russian-American politics, culture, and everyday life. The format of the podcast is a structured, but informal weekly conversation between the two friends, informed both by research and by impressions from real life on the “other side.”

The project was created as a response to the current tension, information warfare, and hostility unfolding between Russia and the United States, sometimes referred to as Cold War II. Smith and Lily hope their weekly discussions will provide a more nuanced and approachable take on the subject. In addition they cover topics that intersect Russian and American culture, as well as material from Russian history and everyday life, in an attempt to provide non-Russian listeners with a fuller image of the country.

Their audience has this feedback about the show, which debuted in May 2017:

“And you girls are hilarious. I’ve laughed so many times about some of the things you both talk about. ” — dano

“I have to say – I enjoy the podcast, it makes my commute to NJ so much more bearable…I find myself arguing with you in my head as if I would argue with my own daughter about the same issues, so it feels more like a conversation, which is why I like it.” — redditor

Episodes are released every Tuesday and are available on all podcast platforms.
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Twitter: @shesinrussia

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