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FROM THE BRAINS THAT BROUGHT YOU BRAINS ON!, COMES A NEW PODCAST THAT’S SURE TO LEAD TO SOME ARGUMENTS! Smash Boom Best introduces listeners to fact-based debates – with laughs thrown in for good measure. ST. PAUL, Minn.— May 15, …

Smash Boom Best — the new podcast for kids from APM — leads to a bunch of arguments! Read More »

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FIVE APM PODCASTS NOMINATED FOR WEBBY PEOPLE’S VOICE AWARDS ST. PAUL, Minn., April 5, 2018 –Five podcasts from American Public Media have been nominated for the 22ndannual Webby People’s Voice Awards. The APM podcasts nominated for this honor include Brains On!, Terrible, Thanks for …


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APM Podcasts: What is APM? American Public Media (APM) is a content producer which is part of the larger American Public Media Group (APMG). APMG serves as the non-profit head of several organizations, some of which are radio networks (Minnesota …

Podcast Network Spotlight: APM Podcasts Read More »

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I previously gushed about my love of Science Vs when it was a part of the ABC, but that was back when my reviews weren’t as meaty.  Now that it’s with Gimlet I feel like I discovered something that went way …

Science Vs (with Gimlet) ★★★★★ Read More »

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Story Pirates is a hilarious family-friendly show where a group of talented actors and comedians re-enacts a made-for-radio version of a story submitted by a kid. The stories I’ve listened to have been from kids between ages 4-9, and I …

Story Pirates ★★★★ Read More »

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