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Sex with Emily ★★

The sex-centered, sex-positive podcast genre has a lot of room to grow. There aren’t a lot of players in it and I think there’s a lot to talk about. On Sex With Emily, Emily Morse, a “sexpert” who has spent

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Dear Sugar Radio ★★

Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond are “The Sugars.” Dear Sugar Radio is their call-in advice show that tackles matters of the heart, be it parenting, relationships, friendships, sex, or marriage. Like many podcast hosts, both have other jobs that have

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Death, Sex & Money ★★★★★

In my one-way relationship/fantasy world with podcasts where I do all the taking (listening) and don’t have to give anything back, Anna Sale is my dream girlfriend and we get a drink together once every three or four weeks. In my

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The Longest Shortest Time: Parents Unite ★★★★★

I may be slow or dense, but I think the title of this podcast gives little insight into what the show is about. So if you’re quicker on the draw than me you can skip ahead! The Longest Shortest Time

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Cosmic Love with Madam Xandra ★★★

Cosmic Love with Madam Xandra is a sci-fi dramedy about a relationship/sex advice call-in show on an intergalactic planet. She broadcasts from Pleasure Sphere 64. Madam Xandra has a sidekick, Dok Bloodnikov, a gladiator who joins her on her radio

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The Heart ★★★

The Heart is a podcast about love and intimacy. It is hosted by women and I believe women are the target audience. Sometimes it is light, tender, and warm; other times it is dark, hard, complex. This podcast does contain

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