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What’s the show about? The Probably True Podcast is about LGBT sex and relationships. Each 5- to 15-minute episode has a single-word, provocative title, like Slut, Kiss, Hung, Bar, or Hair. I found out about the show back in March …

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I love people watching – sitting in airports, at the state fair, at work … I daydream about people’s secret lives, what lies beneath their typically buttoned-up exterior. I really delight in considering the possibilities. Is the portly, ruddy-faced, 50-something …

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Cosmic Love with Madam Xandra is a sci-fi dramedy about a relationship/sex advice call-in show on an intergalactic planet. She broadcasts from Pleasure Sphere 64. Madam Xandra has a sidekick, Dok Bloodnikov, a gladiator who joins her on her radio …

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