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Science Vs (with Gimlet) ★★★★★

I previously gushed about my love of Science Vs when it was a part of the ABC, but that was back when my reviews weren’t as meaty.  Now that it’s with Gimlet I feel like I discovered something that went way

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How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black ★★★★

How to Be Amazing is a thoughtful, provocative interview show hosted by comedian Michael Ian Black. The notable “Amazing” people have achieved a very high level of success in their given (typically entertainment/arts-related) profession and Black masterfully guides the subjects

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The Message ★

The Message is a sci-fi podcast produced by Panoply and GE Podcast Theater. It’s a fictional podcast about a podcast. The narrator, Nicky Tomalin, is a reporter trying to crack the case of a 70 year old message received from

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Science Vs by ABC with Wendy Zukerman

Don’t be scared by this podcast title if you hated high school biology! Maybe you wouldn’t think science would be interesting–but it is! I swear! Just take 20 minutes to listen to this podcast. The premise of Australian-produced Science Vs

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