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Farewell to The Heard: I Love You!

This week I was surprised to hear that the episode of Neighbors I was listening to would be its last. I have been listening to the show for three years (most of its existence) and while I know podcasts run

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Nashville Public Radio Launches 4th Season of Neighbors

Nashville Public Radio Launches 4th Season of Neighbors One of my all time favorite podcasts debuts its fourth season on April 4th, 2017. This was one of the first podcasts I reviewed, and I plan to write an update during

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Podcast Network Spotlight: The Heard

Podcast Network Spotlight: A New Feature This week I am debuting a new feature – a primer on a podcast collective or network. I’m going to define this really loosely for now and we’ll see how it goes. A network

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Anxious Machine ★★★★

When I first left for college almost 20 years ago, it was in a completely foreign city to me. It was an urban setting with accessible public transportation, something I hadn’t experienced before, and it was free because I was a student. I

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How to Be a Girl: Open Your Heart ★★★★

I am a parent of two children. They’re different from each other, certainly different from me; they’re young, and will change enormously in their lives while I will always be their parent, and I have to keep up with them;

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Neighbors: Meet Yours ★★★★

Nashville-based Jakob Lewis narrates this show about people who live around us. The show is certainly Nashville-centric but like Home: Stories from LA, this does not detract from the great content of the show. I was drawn to this show

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