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Happy Sad Confused ★★

Happy Sad Confused is an interview show where host Josh Horowitz talks to actors and actresses from both television and film. Each episode is roughly an hour long and Horowitz has had a lot of A-listers on the show: Woody

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A Pint with Seaniebee ★★★★

I suspect most people who have an ounce of creativity in them wish sometimes that they could trade in their humdrum white or blue collar job for something that taps into that right brain. Irishman Sean Boyle, aka Seaniebee, has met

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How to Be Amazing with Michael Ian Black ★★★★

How to Be Amazing is a thoughtful, provocative interview show hosted by comedian Michael Ian Black. The notable “Amazing” people have achieved a very high level of success in their given (typically entertainment/arts-related) profession and Black masterfully guides the subjects

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