“The 250 Live: Twin Peaks – The Return”, 23rd March 2019 in Support of the Irish Cancer Society

“The 250 Live: Twin Peaks – The Return”, 23rd March 2019 in Support of the Irish Cancer Society
February 16th 2019 — As a fundraiser for the Irish Cancer Society’s annual Daffodil Day, the Irish popular film podcast The 250 is hosting a live eighteen-hour podcast covering David Lynch’s groundbreaking television series Twin Peaks: The Return from 2pm BST (8am EST/5am PST) on Saturday 23rd March.
Twin Peaks: The Return is considered a landmark in modern popular culture. Originally broadcast on Showtime in May 2017, The Return has been described as “one of the most groundbreaking TV series ever” by Sean T. Collins at Rolling Stone. Matt Zoller Seitz argued that it was “the most original and disturbing to hit TV drama since The Sopranos.”
However, there is also an argument that it transcends television, and is in fact an eighteen-hour film. Those who worked on the show have suggested that director David Lynch (who directed all eighteen episodes) saw it as a single eighteen-hour movie. Film magazines like Cahiers du Cinéma and Sight and Sound ranked Twin Peaks: The Return among the very best films of the year.
What better way to hash out this debate over whether Twin Peaks: The Return is an eighteen-hour film than with an eighteen-hour podcast? The 250, an Irish popular film podcast that looks at the best and worst movies of all time as ranked by the Internet Movie Database, will be tackling this question and many others with a host of guests across Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th March. Hosts Andrew Quinn and Darren Mooney will be doing so to raise funds for cancer research, support and treatment, as part of Ireland’s annual Daffodil Day fundraiser.
Over the course of those eighteen hours, guests will wrestle with everything from the question of whether these eighteen hours are film, television or something else entirely, take a broader look at David Lynch’s filmography, explore the themes of the series/film, and even try to make sense of the wealth of imagery within. “We’re hoping to create an experience that will appeal to both casual fan and eager enthusiast,” explained co-host Darren Mooney. “The eighteen-hour podcast should offer something for everybody. I’m very excited. And maybe a little terrified. But it’s for a good cause.”
The event will be broadcast live on The 250’s Mixlr, and an edited version of the entire podcast will be released for public consumption on The 250’s Soundcloud after the fact. Donations can be made to the Irish Cancer Society through The 250’s Just Giving in both the lead-up to and during the event itself.
The live broadcast will begin at 2pm BST on Saturday 23rd March and run through until 8am BST on Sunday 24th March, bringing the podcast up until midnight in Washington State. Darren and Andrew will need some damn fine coffee to get them through the night.
Daffodil Day is the largest annual fundraising event run by the Irish Cancer Society to raise money for people with cancer.  For over thirty years, the proceeds from Daffodil Day have improved the services available to people with cancer both at home and in hospital.
The 250 is a weekly podcast hosted by Andrew Quinn and Darren Mooney looking at the dynamic and ever-changing list of the best movies of all-time as compiled on the Internet Movie Database, featuring a wide array of guests and covering a wide array of subjects.
Andrew Quinn is a podcaster who lives in Dublin, Ireland. Darren Mooney is a writer and critic whose books include Opening The X-Files: A Critical History of the Original Series and Christopher Nolan: A Critical Study of the Films.
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Date: Saturday 23rd – Sunday 24th March 2019
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