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The Audible Feast Podcast Listener Smörgåsbord – April 2018

The Audible Feast Podcast Listener Smörgåsbord – April 2018


The listeners have spoken! Here are some recommendations from my readers, who have prepared this delicious podcast listener smörgåsbord. I’ve opened up a survey for May’s very best podcasts that you can fill out anytime this month.

What podcast episodes are you telling EVERYONE you know about lately? What can’t you get out of your mind?

“They’re standing at the podium” – With Friends Like These. Ana Marie Cox is a tremendous journalist and in this episode she managed to get young people at CPAC to open up to her within minutes. These are young conservatives who hold deeply troubling beliefs (many white supremacy themes), a group which I think can be forgotten, particularly among young people who like to claim that “racism just needs to die out with the old generations.”” – Kristen K., Prince George, BC, Canada

Showcase – Errthang episodes 4 & 5.” – Thomas M., Houston, TX, USA

“Chips Annoy!” – Judge John Hodgman. One of the funniest episodes of this podcast in quite a while. Expert witness Alton Brown is brought on to help the always witty John Hodgman resolve a dispute between a couple about how well done a chocolate chip cookie should be. They also clear a mini-docket of other food-related disputes. Brown and Hodgman have fantastic chemistry together and the Baliff Jesse Thorn’s interjections help with the pacing of the show. This is a good episode to jump in on if you’re a first time listener to this podcast.” – Paul C., Bonita Springs, FL, USA

Our Americana: Greensburg, Kansas.” (also featured on the Podcast Brunch Club playlist for May 2018!) – Emily P., Connecticut, USA

Unicorns by Varmints – it was so sweet and fun. It’s freaking unicorns!” – Tawny P., San Diego, CA, USA

What show have you been telling everyone about this month?

Sandra – Thomas M.

Heavyweight – Kristen K.

The Podience – I’m loving the insider info already.” – Tawny P.

Evergreen is a new anthology storytelling podcast. The combination of listener submitted ideas, storytelling and wonderful sound design come together to create adventures that are sometimes surreal but always wonderful to listen to.” – Paul C.

“I just began listening to NPR’s “How I Built This” with Guy Raz and it’s super inspiring! Guy interviews the founders of such companies as The Home Depot, Five Guys and even Reddit, just to name a few. He has each founder take us back in time to their humble beginnings and walk us through how they made it. And what I love about that is each founder had their setbacks. (Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream almost folded their first year as soon as winter set in and nobody wanted to even think about anything cold to put in their mouths.) It really is a great way to spend an hour, and you always learn something useful about succeeding in your own life.” – Seth M., Niagara Falls, NY, USA

I Got the Hell OutEmily P.

Thanks to all of the listeners who submitted their picks this month. Subscribe to my newsletter and check back here often for even more delicious recommendations! You can find a link to my index of reviews here, and my weekly picks are here.

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