The Audible Feast Podcast Listener Smörgåsbord – March 2018

The Audible Feast Podcast Listener Smörgåsbord – March 2018

The listeners have spoken! Here are some recommendations from my readers, who have prepared this delicious podcast listener smörgåsbord. I’ve opened up a survey for April’s very best podcasts that you can fill out anytime this month.

What podcast episodes are you telling EVERYONE you know about lately? What can’t you get out of your mind?

The Bright Sessions, Episode 50. It’s sheer genius the whole way through, a musical episode of epic proportions that takes this moment to seriously discover the innermost fears and beliefs of our beloved characters.” – Ely F.C., Portland, OR, USA

The Jock and Nerd Podcast featuring John Belotti Jrs. breakdown of the abysmal Howard The Duck Movie from the 80’s. John painstakingly went through every dumb scene in the entire dumb movie and because he watched it- along with the rest of the crew, he made it so I never actually had to watch it myself. For if I had to, I’d have surely plucked out my eyeballs and soaked them in lye.” – Seth M., Niagara Falls, NY, USA

Today, Explained: Mueller 101, came out 27th of last month, but I keep thinking about it. Awesome parody, great commentary, thoughtful execution.” – James H., Portland, OR, USA

FuseBox Radio #545: Top 3 Downloaded Shows of 2017 – Alt-Left Hooks, Protest Tourism & Poor Singer Life Choices [FLASHBACK EPISODE: Week of Jan. 3, 2018] –  Just a great mix of Hip-Hop generation folks talking about various diverse things that are around my age range and music to groove to.” – Ralph F., Washington, D.C., USA

What shows are you excited about listening to in April, whether they’re new to the airwaves or just new to you?

“Podcast Playlist should have a new series in April in conjunction with EarBuds Podcast Collective.” – James H., Portland, OR, USA

“Chronosphere Fiction!” – Daniel F., Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Thanks to all of the listeners who submitted their picks this month. Subscribe to my newsletter and check back here often for even more delicious recommendations! You can find a link to my index of reviews here, and my weekly picks are here.

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