The Audible Feast Podcast Listener Smörgåsbord – May 2018

The Audible Feast Podcast Listener Smörgåsbord – May 2018

The listeners have spoken! Here are some recommendations from my readers, who have prepared this delicious podcast listener smörgåsbord. I’ve opened up a survey for June’s very best podcasts that you can fill out anytime this month. Thanks to Zach and Amy for being my two listener contributors this month.

What podcast episodes are you telling EVERYONE you know about lately? What can’t you get out of your mind?

What Should I Read Next, Episode 133 – I loved her guest and really enjoyed listening to her book recommendations and stories of Japan. I could really relate to her and felt we have a very similar reading style.” –Amy P., Jacksonville, FL, USA

“The Newsroom episode of Series Finale. It was insane. One of the cohosts recently broke up with his girlfriend and has “baby fever”. He offered to father a fan’s child and had sex on the brain when he defended Student-Lunch Lady relationships. All of this happened while they were allegedly summarizing the final episode of Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom.” – Zach B., Boston, MA, USA

What show have you been telling everyone about this month?

What’sHerName – love hearing about the lives and stories of women in history!” – Amy P.
Series Finale. Three comedians from Boston watch the last episode of a series they never watched. It’s hilarious. They get everything wrong, especially when they did Star Trek. One of my favorite segments is when they do role plays where they act out fictional scenes between the show’s characters. They are completely over the top and horrible at improv.” – Zach B.

Thanks to all of the listeners who submitted their picks this month. Subscribe to my newsletter and check back here often for even more delicious recommendations! You can find a link to my index of reviews here, and my weekly picks are here.

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