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“The Monday American” Podcast to feature the American Revolution in latest series

GREENVILLE, SC, August 17th, 2017 — “The Monday American” podcast will feature the American Revolution in its upcoming series airing the first of three episodes on August 18th, 2017. “The Monday American” is hosted by Andrew Gehrt who was a history student at Clemson University. The podcast can be found on all major podcast aggregates/platforms.

“History is something that touches every part of our world. Every interest, hobbie, activity or thing has a history behind it. You should never take the ‘story’ out of history,” says Andrew Gehrt, host of “The Monday American.”

“The Monday American” is based out of Greenville, South Carolina where it records and broadcasts independent of any network. The podcast was started in order to present history in a way that was relevant but also engaging to a present day audience. It is the show that puts the “story” back into history. With a special focus on American history, “The Monday American” continues to release quality material to a large audience across the world. The latest series, set to release on August 18th will cover the American Revolution and follow the people who were integral in creating a new nation. The series will pay special attention to George Washington’s story and highlight his ability to embody and emanate the American ideals of this newly founded nation.

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