The Mortified Podcast: Go Find Your Childhood Diary! ★★★★

The Mortified Podcast: Go Find Your Childhood Diary! ★★★★

The Mortified Podcast is a weekly podcast affiliated with Radiotopia from PRX where people read their childhood or teenage-year diaries and journals to a live audience of strangers. Episodes are usually 15-30 minutes long and sometimes there is more than one storyteller on an episode; occasionally there will be a special guest.

It’s likely you’ll identify with the embarrassment these ex-teens experienced, and it’s guaranteed you’ll laugh. Think about how you spoke when you were a teenager: “Dad is just awful! He is so hard on me! He won’t even let me go to the all night co-ed party!” Or “I don’t think I will ever kiss anyone. Why would I, no one would want to kiss me. And plus, it’s gross. Why does everyone think kissing is like some “romantic” thing? Yuck. No one would want to kiss me, I’m so flat chested and boring, not like Kathleen.”

When my kids complain to me about writing in a journal I am not going to tell them that I am going to hold on to all of their writing and show it to them at the best time in their future (likely when they bring their first serious significant others home for the holidays). I’m just going to convince them it’s good to write in your journal, to share all your deepest feelings, and to be honest! And feel free to take out your aggression on your mom through writing. Totally allowed.

The Mortified Podcast website has a great FAQ page that explains more about the show and the live tapings. You can even attend a Mortified show and either share your own story or be an audience member! They have shows in Austin, Boston, Chicago, DC/Baltimore, LA, NYC, Portland, and San Francisco.

Audible Feast Ratings

Educational Value ☆☆☆☆☆

Pop Culture Value ★☆☆☆☆

Host Listen-ability ★★★★★

There isn’t a lot of hosting on this show since it consists of strangers reading their diaries, journals, memories – but that’s one of the best things about it. There’s no need for additional commentary and the podcast doesn’t do it!

Flow (both planned podcast flow and advertisement-impacted) ★★☆☆☆

Humor ★★★★★

The concept of looking back at your old diaries alone is often hilarious – imagine listening to people actually read their diaries on a stage. Sometimes it’s tender also – this podcast is normally really uplifting.

Investigation ☆☆☆☆☆

Storytelling ★★★★★

I’m not sure if the diary owners are coached on how to tell a good story but they typically do an awesome job, I don’t think I could do it! They use inflection, good cadence, and it is very clear to understand the narrators.

Makes Me a Better Person ★★★★☆

Listening to other people talk about embarrassing moments in their formative puberty years validates that I was just as awkward – and normal – as everyone else.

Bonus stars

Overall Audible Feast Rating: ★★★★☆

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The Mortified Podcast

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