This is Love Debuts February 14th, Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

This is Love Debuts February 14th, Just in Time for Valentine’s Day

Like many of you, I was thrilled to hear a sweet little surprise announcement on a recent Criminal episode – a new show is coming from the Criminal team! It is called This is Love, and it debuts tomorrow, February 14th, 2018. I asked Phoebe Judge a couple of questions to give you a little more insight into what to expect, without giving too much away.

Audible Feast (AF): What similarities to Criminal can listeners expect from This is Love?
Phoebe Judge (PJ): I’m hosting both shows. The sort of quiet, reserved style is the same. They’re personal stories, just like Criminal. The production process and style is the same.
AF: Does researching and producing stories about love restore any emotional depletion caused by producing stories about a crime?
PJ: It’s certainly different. It has been really refreshing to spend time talking with people in a more intimate, personal way. It’s been great to experiment in this happier space.
AF: Will Julienne Alexander be creating original artwork for This is Love? (One of my favorite things about a podcast is original art!)
PJ: Yes — she’s created our logo and episode illustrations.
AF: Are there plans for any crossover episodes between the two shows?
PJ: No.
AF: I love that Criminal features ordinary people and events from history that aren’t necessarily well-known. Does This is Love approach storytelling in a similar way?
PJ: Yes, absolutely. I doubt you’ll be familiar with any of the stories. We really hope that people find these people as fascinating and delightful as we do.
Episodes of This is Love will drop weekly, on Wednesdays, through mid-March. Fans of Criminal need not worry; the show will continue regular production of twice monthly episodes released on Fridays. I can’t wait to hear this short series and hope similar projects are in the works!
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