Too Beautiful to Live celebrates 10 years with 24-hour party bus podcast

Too Beautiful to Live celebrates 10 years with 24-hour party bus podcast

ST. PAUL, January 17, 2018 – American Public Media podcast Too Beautiful to Live will celebrate 10 years of episodes in a way only TBTL would – a 24-hour, live-stream episode recorded on a party bus driving around the state of Washington. For those who are new to the podcast, the January 20 marathon recording may seem like an unconventional way to celebrate a milestone anniversary. But for TBTL’s loyal group of listeners, this is exactly the kind of fanfare 10 years and over 2,400 episodes warrants.

“We’re so excited for our fans to experience this special, 24-hour episode of the show,” said co-host Luke Burbank. “To ensure that, we’re driving to each of their homes, individually, to enforce listenership and enjoyment. What could go wrong?”

Burbank and co-host Andrew Walsh spearhead the daily podcast, which focuses on life, current events and pop culture, plus plenty of talk about laser baldness helmets, hot dog etiquette, “tonight pants” and how to shave just three more seconds off your trip to the airport, even if it kills you. The 24-hour podcast party bus will tour the pitstops of the show’s 10-year history, picking up TBTL alum and meeting up with listeners along the way. which is based.

The podcast’s roots go back to a radio show on Seattle’s KIRO-FM in 2008. By the time that TBTL and KIRO parted ways in 2009, the show had garnered a massive following of online listeners. Recognizing the TBTL’s devoted online fanbase, Burbank and new hosting partner Andrew Walsh kept the program rolling as a daily podcast. TBTL joined American Public Media in 2015, and has been engaging listeners with conversations that range from ridiculous to intensely person ever since.

“I was a huge fan of TBTL before I had the opportunity to become a part of it. What makes the show special to me – both then and now – is the community of listeners who’ve formed around this show,” said Walsh. “They call themselves ‘The Tens’, as in our ‘Tens of Listeners’, and they have created something like a club – a gang of friends who all speak a special language only they understand. And I’m honestly humbled to be a part of it.”

The finale of the recording marathon will take place at Seattle’s Re-bar, where Burbank and Walsh will cap off the 24-hour session in front of a sold-out crowd.


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