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Uncover Studios Launches as Podcast and Influencer Company

February 3, 2017


On February 3rd, 2017, TMPG, a promotional marketing agency, has launched its own podcast and influencer company, Uncover Studios. Combining 25+ years of award-winning audio and influencer marketing experience, a roster of celebrity talent, and in-house production teams, Uncover emerges a well-equipped player in the space. They are prepared to partner with brands every step of the way to create custom, quality campaigns.

Uncover Studios aims to maximize brand impact with original podcast shows, custom content, influencer campaigns and large-scale multimedia support. The global podcast audience has reached 98 million and is still growing, making the podcast landscape very opportunistic for content creators and investors alike. Similarly, influencer marketing has quickly gained traction as a highly-targeted, organic medium to deliver impactful brand messages.

This newly-formed startup already boasts an impressive roster of talent, including: We The Kings (platinum-selling American rock band), Jean Chatzky (author and personal finance expert), Peter Greenberg (Emmy-winning travel expert), Linda Kaplan Thaler (advertising legend and author), Angelina Zeppieri (travel blogger), and Robi Ludwig (renowned psychotherapist and award-winning reporter) to name a few.

Building relationships between the right sponsors and talent to create impactful messaging is really what distinguishes Uncover from traditional companies.

“The days of shouting your brand message to the masses are over. In order to move the needle, you have to be creating value for your audience,” said Dave Keine, Managing Director at Uncover Studios. “We believe in the power of relevant content delivered by trusted voices.”

To learn more about Uncover Studios, please visit

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