Valentine’s Day Special: The Podcasts I Love

Valentine’s Day Special: The Podcasts I Love

This Valentine’s Day, I’d like to share with you snippets of reviews for the podcasts I have absolutely loved over the last year. These are the podcasts I have reviewed since February 14th of last year that have earned a 5-star review. Check out these shows-they are so deserving of your precious time!

The Brain Candy Podcast, 3/28/16:  “Admittedly, I’m sure I’m in the target demographic for this show (I’m a 35 year old woman who especially loved MTV in my teens and twenties) and I share many of the feminist perspectives that Meister and Rice discuss regularly. So if that sounds like you, download an episode and check them out.” (Chat/Interview)

99% Invisible, 5/11/16: ” A recent episode on “Flying Food” explored how and why food looks good in advertising. Not something you’re likely to type into a Google search, but when you listen to it, you realize, “Wow, I see ads like that all the time – and there’s a really interesting story behind how they get the food to look like that.” Ka-ching! This is why 99PI exists! I love that 99PI generally sticks to the “design” theme but intersperses a few vignettes about the impact of design on a community – the people impact. ” (Art/Design)

Awesome Etiquette, 5/23/16*: “The natural chemistry of the cousins, and their practical and proper advice are both humorous and perfect. Listeners have a few ways to contact the show with their questions via either Facebook, e-mail, or phone. Interestingly enough the listeners are playful as well, asking signing questions with what we would today call classic self-help alliteration: names like “Irked Intern.”” (Special Interest)

The Uncertain Hour, 5/26/16*: “Welfare is one of those hot button issues that we like to pull out during election cycles, the thing we wonder if the mom with 8 kids in line a Walmart is using, and the dirty little secret we don’t like to talk about and when we do, we make others feel ashamed to use or depend on it.” (Money/Politics)

Someone Knows Something, 6/16/16: “In 1972, 5 year-old Adrien McNaughton disappeared while fishing with his dad and a friend of his dad’s at Holmes Lake in Eastern Ontario. There were no screams, there was no scuffle or splash, the boy simply disappeared. No trace of Adrien was ever found. Was he taken? Did he fall in the lake? Did he wander off? His family has never had closure, does not know if he is alive or dead. Someone Knows Something is producer David Ridgen’s exploration into this cold case.” (True Crime)

BBC’s Witness, 7/13/16: ” I am so impressed by the caliber of the BBC’s reporters and editors – these are such great stories and I appreciate the creative approach to what one might not consider a historical “event” upon first glance.” (History)

Switched on Pop, 7/27/16 and Update 1/12/17: “Unlike other music shows, hosts Nate Sloan and Charlie Harding get a starring role in the production, and for this we should be thankful, because they take us on an educational and convivial journey through the world of pop songs. What makes them “pop songs?” Why are they popular, what makes them so catchy, and what is their cultural significance?” (Music)

NPR Politics, 9/14/16*: “Hosted by Sam Sanders, Tamara Keith and a revolving cast of other NPR correspondents (Ron Elving, Domenico Montanaro, Scott Detrow, and more), this podcast provides a great service to folks like me by providing thoughtful review and insight of the campaigns.” Note-this podcast was launched prior to the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, but has continued to provide political insight ever since. (Politics)

Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller, 9/29/16 and Update 12/31/16: “There was an episode on September 12th with Intel VP of Corporate Affairs Roz Hudnell which contained an a-ha moment for me. Hudnell talked about how she grew up learning from her mom and grandma that she should always speak up, that it was better to solve a problem than complain about it, and that had really stuck with her throughout her life. This was my story. Here was someone who truly changed the status quo, which I’m so passionate about, and she grew up being told the same things as me.” (Women/Interview)

Science Vs (with Gimlet), 10/21/16: “[Zukerman] starts by explaining the most held or publicized viewpoint, for example: fracking causes chemicals to get into our drinking water. The origin of that assumption may be discussed, and then Zukerman will bring in an expert and start investigating the science. She stacks up the evidence on both sides and decides who “wins” – does science prove or disprove those commonly held ideas?” (Science)

Pantsuit Politics, 10/25/16*: “One of the things I enjoy about this podcast is that Beth and Sarah feel like old friends and that we are sitting down at the table having an honest, open, and nuanced discussion. We like to believe everything is black and white, but the truth is that we live in a world of grey.” (Politics)

Sleepover, 11/15/16: “The podcast Sleepover is kind of like a mini version of what The Real World used to be for me: people opening their minds to the way others might think, and applying that to their own lives. The fantastic show from the CBC is hosted by Sook-Yin Lee. Three strangers agree to sleep overnight in a hotel room for one night with Sook-Yin. They each bring a problem that they would like to solve, and they all help each other talk through it. It’s a simple idea wrought with personal risk for the participants.” (Human Interest)

In the Dark, 12/15/16: “One of the most striking episodes is number 4 – The Circus, where Jacob’s parents, Jerry and Patty Wetterling, describe how a tip line was installed in their home – seriously. The episode includes actual tape of calls on the tip line – from the people genuinely trying to help to the crazies needing attention or calling based on their visions and dreams.” (True Crime/Investigation)

ArtCurious Podcast, 1/31/17: “I have enjoyed the diversity of topics that ArtCurious has addressed so far; Dasal has gone back to the time of Marie Antoinette, zoomed back to the 50’s and 60’s in New York with Weegee and Andy Warhol, and discussed arguably the most famous painting ever, the Mona Lisa. ” (Art)

*Indicates guest review

You can read all of my reviews here – from the 4 star reviews down to the 0 star podcasts. And if you want a little more granular look, you can see what I’ve liked on a weekly basis by reviewing my Delicious Ingredients for each week. Look for more reviews coming soon!

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