Wear Wag Repeat Podcast Profiles Dog Mom Entrepreneurs

Wear Wag Repeat Podcast Profiles Dog Mom Entrepreneurs

Pittsburgh, PA, January 19, 2018 — Wear Wag Repeat is a podcast that profiles creative women entrepreneurs who are inspired by their dogs. Season 2 launched on Wednesday, January 17th with an episode interviewing Hayley Whitfield, of Wolfpack NYC, a line of luxury dog apparel.

The show is available through it’s website iTunes, Stitcher and Google Play. It’s a spinoff of the award winning blog by the same name, created by Pittsburgh native Tori Mistick. Mistick started blogging about her life with her dog a few years ago and was inspired to start podcasting because of the amazing women she met through social media and at pet industry conferences.

Since launching in Fall 2017, the show has featured professional pet photographers, artists, a financial consultant, dog accessory designers, bloggers and innovators based in the US, Canada and the UK. What all the guests have in common is a love of dogs and the work-life balance they inspire. Interviews on the podcast are equal parts business strategy and obsessing over the irresistible things dogs do.

Podcast creator Mistick says, “I didn’t expect to have such a strong listener response to this podcast. Since day 1 people have reached out to tell me how inspired they are. Fans are listening and taking notes to start their own businesses in the pet industry.”

To learn more about the podcast you can contact Tori via email at tori@wearwagrepeat.com or by phone, 412-889-5871.

To listen to the podcast, visit http://www.wearwagrepeat.com/podcast or search your favorite podcast player for Wear Wag Repeat. You can see more of what Tori does with the Wear Wag Repeat brand on Instagram @tmistick.


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