Wives’ Tales Podcast: Get to Know Us

Wives’ Tales Podcast: Get to Know Us

Wives’ Tales Podcast started on Halloween of 2017. Co-hosts Shelby and Jenni are two quirky cousins that are inspired by all things dark and twisted.  Each week is a wild ride into the depths of our tales, as we bring each one to life. Join our craziness in this conversational podcast!

We have loved each and every second spent researching and discussing the creepy tales of legends, folklore, myths, crazy creatures, and anything extra mysterious with a twisted story to go along with it.  We begin each episode by telling our own little short tales. These are generally personal or family stories, and we feel like it provides a way for our listeners to get to know us a little bit more each week. Then we dive into our own researched topics for the week. We each bring a tale to the table, so two topics are discussed in each episode. And we generally surprise each other, so we can have each other’s true reactions to the weirdness that the other has found. We are both skeptical, but want to find things we could possibly believe in and not debunk, but whether we believe or not the tales always fascinate us. Topics are thoroughly researched and we cover each tale as completely as we know how.

This indie podcast has really brought out our dark and twisty side. Shelby and Jenni are two Texas gals and basically the same in most aspects of life, beliefs, and thoughts. So this brings forth an undeniable chemistry with banter and there is also comedy… well, usually bad comedy, and some really bad dad jokes told by Jenni, too. Shelby takes care of the technical side of things, while Jenni handles the majority of social media. We’d be honored and excited for y’all to give us a listen, and join us in our creepy journey. We truly hope that you enjoy our take on the tales of mysteries, legends, folklore, and cryptids. We are not just your normal old wives’ tales, as we’ve stepped it up a bit with the extra strange and weird, so we hope that you give us a try and subscribe to Wives’ Tales Podcast! Thanks Y’all!!

We drop new episodes weekly on Thursday evenings. You can find us on Stitcher, Apple Podcast App, and most other apps where you do your podcast listening – please subscribe, rate, review, and follow us.

Website: https://wivestalespodcast.wordpress.com/author/wivestalespodcast/

Email us at wivestalespodcast@gmail.com

Twitter @wivestalespod
Instagram @wivestalespodcast
Facebook group: Wives’ Tales Podcast
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